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Culinary artform begins with the chef's creation in the kitchen but that delectable dish is no less complete without the finer touches of exquisitely chosen silverware and decorations to bring one's dining experience full circle... Petals n Leaves' table settings often grace many a wedding banquet -- now our silent creations can also be equally at home, in your home, a dining table with choice ornaments and dining ware can become a rustic Asian tribal dining area or a pristine and contrasted Zen table.


The silent creations at a wedding banquet often leave guests with the most conversation topics. Going beyond flowers-in-a-vase, we explore and experiment with different artistic components to make your special day, a little more special.
The side table, at banquet function are also a principal part in table settings and presentations. Tastefully done, its peripheral decorations can equally enhance and compliment the main banquet table.
Carefully coordinated ornaments and dining ware can impart a subtle aesthetic sense of 'culinare' in domestic settings as well.