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We bring weddings to date with a continuous flow of new ideas. Fashionable finishes to Bridal Bouquets, entourage flowers all to Star-style.


Carriages Of Love
Pour Le automobile - Original Inspirations that dress the car and any transport with just plain satin ribbons in stark simplicity, or dressed in floral grandeur. Be it a Rolls or a Beetle, it will stand out in a crowd!
Places Of Love
On consecrated ground, thy matrimonial vows be taken… Nuptial vows in Chapel, Church Cathedral or any place of worship, furbished in stylish detail for your ceremony. Enhancing the natural beauty of the place of worship. Carefully chosen arrangements created with you in mind to start that beautiful day. We will spare no expense to bring concept to your desired church wedding.
Receiving Love
Modern or traditional, we design weddings from the Church Hall to the Palatial Ballrooms and even to a stunning garden or woodland setting. Filled with flowers of a wedding dream come true. Special feeling, care and thoughts right from the cocktail reception to the party favors, we fulfill all and more with the `Labour Of Love!'. We leave all efforts and designs to memory.

Contact us for more information about the concepts and arrangements included here. Otherwise you may visit us for a closer look.

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